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We believe in high-quality, 100% home made music

Writing songs is only a small part of what we do

At Breakfast at Your Place’s music workshop, everything is homemade. From conception to distribution, all of our songs are made entirely by us, and exclusively for you!

Most of today's new bands start touring as soon as possible, dreaming of beeing discovered by a producer that'll help them get heard and distribute their music. Putting aside the problem that such a strategy might take quite a long time before paying off, the real issue for us is the total loss of control that it implies: you might have heard stories about brand new bands that, after recording their tracks with some producer they’ve signed with, discover a few weeks later that the final product bears no resemblance whatsoever to what they had in mind!

Our vision is quite the opposite. We want you to hear the music we love, from our heads directly to your ears, and fill up your digital libraries with pure home-made music! And to do that, we decided to do everything on our own.

I guess you could call that music craftsmanship...

So yeah, it feels a little lonely sometimes, but we don't mind, as long as you bring cookies!

Music craftsmanship 101

Even though this may sound like an over-simplified description, there are more or less five steps to making a release-ready album : (scoll down to keep on reading)

Write the songs

Ok, so that's the pretty obvious part...

Record the instruments

We're the same as 99% of the musicians out there, we work on computers. All of our recordings therefore need to be digital, and this second step of the process consists in digitalizing our acoustic sounds (the ones that come out of our guitars for example, but also hand claps and vocals).

This basically means transforming those beautiful sounds into a lot of Os and a few 1s : nice and easy for digital instruments (mainly our synths, and sometimes digital drums), but needs specalized hardware (meaning a good soundcard and a few mics) for the rest!

Process the digital sounds

Once this recording step is over, our sounds still need some polishing!

To give them their full texture, we need to use a little bit of our home-made magic powder : guitar effects (wawas, echoes and cruchy sounds all over! And Rock'N'Roll!!), amp simulators (that's just to add a bit of warmth to those 0s and 1s), EQ and compressors. For this sound processing step, the development of personal computers has been a real revolution : a few decades ago, you just didn't have a choice, you had to spend a small fortune to buy high quality hardware. Software simulation of such hardware now enables us to obtain home-made professional quality!

We use our personal computers with Apple's multitrack recording software (GarageBand and Logic Pro). Our effect simulators (0 dollar each, as cheap as it gets!) might not offer top-notch quality sound, but good enough for the majority of music lovers around our little planet. Multitrack means that those softwares allow us to record and edit each track independently : one for the rhythm guitar, one for the voice, one for the solo... Before the introduction of multitrack recording, all the sounds and effects that were to be part of a recording were mixed together at one time during a live performance : no way to change anything afterwards!

Mix the songs

Once each track is recorded and processed, our work isn't over yet. For now, all we have is several instruments laid one on top of the other in an absolute cacophony!

Audio mixing is the process by which these multiple sounds are combined into one final song. We need to adjust the volume of each track, work on spacialization (so that you'll hear the guitar a little louder in your left ear than in your right, and it'll just feel like we're playing live in front of you), separate the various frequency broadbands, add our arrangements...

Master the songs

You might be thinking that everything is pretty much over now, and that our song is ready to be released to the world. But we still have a problem : our song is way too rich in harmonics...

Okay their's worse for a problem, but in that one has two annoying consequences. The first one is that the volume of our song is still much lower that the ones you hear on the radio. That's basically because if we push the volume, some frequencies will start to get saturated. On good quality speakers it's not that big of a deal, but not everyone has good quality speakers : if we listen to our song on headphone, or worse on our MacBook's built-in speaker (or even worse : YouTube), it just sounds horrible.

And that leads us to the second problem : we just don't get the same song if we listen to it on our home speakers, on our headphones or on our MacBook built-in speakers. The reason for that is pretty simple : the built-in speakers aren't really of the greatest quality there is (seeing their size it's actually not that suprising). Most of them can only play a very restrained band of frequencies. Everything else is just cut out or greatly attenuated : so long to our wonderfull bass line, goodbye to the hamonics of our voices...

Solving those problems and polishing the final mastertrack is the purpose of this final step of the production process.

And it's only the four of us doing all of this stuff!







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Marketing and communication

The never ending part

Marketing might not be what you would consider creative, but it definitely takes a lot of creativity to come up with new ideas on how to get our music heard. The “upload and wait for stardom” technique doesn’t work that well – we can tell.

So, once again, we chose to do it our way. We designed and coded this website and we created Breakfast at Your Place accounts on more social networks than we can remember. We also make our own music videos and we put BYP stickers on people’s backs every chance we get!

So, it’s not that easy to communicate and it takes time but hey, if you have read until this point, I guess we’re not doing such a bad job after all. Remember, we’re nothing without you…

There'll always be better bands than us...
But there'll never be a better audience than you!